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Software Development

Offering PHP, C# and ASP.Net programming, we employ world standard project development and management processes, and utilize professional development documents to ensure superior quality and after-sales services for our clients. We have been developing software and applications tailored to a range of needs and garnered reputation correspondingly.

Our programming language: PHP, C#, ASP.Net, Javascrip, Ajax
Databases we use: Oracle, SQL Server, MySql.


Software customization means 100% tailor-made design and development. We will design and develop software according to your requests as to align perfectly with your business process.

  • Customization development follows the below steps:
  • Project Plan: Sufficient project research, Software Requirement Specifications (SRS) and system architecture.
  • Project Process: Ful confirmation on SRS, system architecture, system design, coding and test.
  • User Acceptance: User acceptance test based on SRS after the system integration and inner testing are complete.
  • User Manual: Complete and detailed user manual including training after UAT is finalised.
  • Technical Support: Follow up after delivery and plan to update the system if necessary.


Human Resource Outsourcing is becoming an increasingly popular and effective solution for corporations to reduce the costing on professionals and enhance performance.

We assign engineers to work independently or collaboratively with your team at your office. We take care of Compensations and Benefits so you only need to focus on your project.

HRO will help you:

  • Reduce your management costs
  • Attain a more reliable position
  • Improve technical support
  • Achieve higher efficiency by different professionals for different developmental demands
  • Test software
  • Test system reliability
  • Test installation
  • Test compatibility
  • Test website

Web Development

Our professional designers will manifest your envisioned website interface. We use valid XHML coding to ensure webpages are user-friendly and compatible with most browsers. Based on our mature frameworks and online systems, and guidance by the development mod from the CMMI system, we are able to offer one-stop, secure, swift and accessible solutions to business and personal clients.

Web Design

We are proud of our design portfolio over the past 6 years. We produce state-of-the-art page effects and develop the website to your expectation, providing a web interface with impressive visual effects.

Page Coding

Webpages with valid coding will result in seamless browser compatibility and loading speed, and even a higher ranking in search engines.

We follow W3C standards to code standard pages.

Online Systems

Content management system, news and information system, forum, blog and micro blog, Ecommerce (B2C/B2B), Social Net Working platform, Poll/Survey system, Helpdesk system and Newsletter system etc.

OA, ERP, CRM, Task/Project management system, Database management system, Billing system.


  • Media Design
  • Website Logo Design
  • Enterprise Logo Design
  • Banner Design
  • Image Processing
  • Flash/ 3D Animation

Search Engine Optimization

Generate Traffic for Your Website.

Our technical staff begin by checking the current status of your website to ensure that the optimization process will not be encumbered by any unforeseen problems in function. Then, using manual searches as well as custom research software, our SEO engineers will take the data gathered and create a list of words attracting the most traffic in your industry – and consult you in the selection of final keywords.

More Services Available

Software Localization (Chinese-English)
As Since English is our working language, we are familiar with the industry standard. We provide professional translation of services between English and Chinese, and are able to help clients localize their website or software.

Global promotion

We have reliable servers in the US and Australia, which enable your website to load with more speed and stability for audiences abroad, and help promote your business overseas through our professional search engine optimization services.

Promotion in China

As we are based in the mainland of China, which is amongst the world’s fastest growing market in many industries and consumer sectors, we are in the position to help promote your products and/or services via various channels both online and offline. Working with some of the most popular platforms in China, such as Alibaba, WeChat and Weibo, is considered to be more effective than ever in today’s market in China. We can provide assistance to our clients, from setting up, to the ongoing operation and maintenance on these platforms.
Talk to us today about your needs and objectives, and we will equip you with a customised solution that is the most cost effective and results driven.

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